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A small Business has many Priorities. With so much on your mind, your phone system might be something that you haven’t thought about in a while. Perhaps you have a few phone lines or a trunk that connect to a system like a private branch exchange (PBX). It seems to do the job, but are there other alternatives out there that might help your business save money and be more productive?

In a word, YES. For many years, phone systems with Sophisticated Features were only available to Larger Businesses that had the capital to make a large up-front Investment in Equipment then spend more money to customize a system to their specific Business needs. However, with Technologies such as Voice over IP (VOIP) and “Cloud”-Based Services, an impressive array of capabilities are now available to Small Businesses. The best part is that Technology has not only increased Capabilities, but Dropped the Price to a Point where virtually any Business can take advantage.

DIGIVOIP has improvised a Solution using Cutting Edge Technology, so customers in PNG can benefit from Cheaper Call Rate with Superior Call Quality. DIGIVOIP provides Total Solution from Design, Installation, Training and on going after Sales Service for peace of your mind.