DIGIVOIP SIP-T48G is an ultra-elegant IP phone designed for business executives and professionals. Its friendly User Interface and 7-inch TFT LCD display with touch screen ensure a pleasant experience. DIGIVOIP has invested significant time and energy on even the smallest details. Metallic finishes that grace the keypad and elsewhere exude elegance. Multiple design optimizations like an anti-tangle cord and LED-lit crystalline notification keys testify to its manufacturing excellence.

Optima HD Voice quality and excellent hands-free voice performance of SIP-T48G ensure effective communication. The wireless headset mode offers users freedom and convenience.

The user-oriented design concept of SIP-T48G delivers a friendly interface and easy operation. The phone features a full keyboard and an intelligent search and picture dial function that add up to faster, easier and more accurate use. Up to 29 soft DSS key are available for customized programming to increase productivity, such as Busy Lamp Field (BLF) keys for co-workers whose communication status can be indicated by red or green lights.

DIGIVOIP also offer the economical SIP-29G, boasting similar high-quality features for businesses of all sizes.

General requirements of business executives for desk phones include:

  • Graceful industrial design
  • User-friendly interface with zero or minimal learning cost
  • Strong hands-free voice performance for efficient communications
  • Rich functions, such as BLA/BLF, fast-dialing